How Warmer And Cooler Temperatures Can Negatively Affect Wine

If you are an aspiring wine collector, then you may want to make sure that you are placing your wine in an environment that is suitable. This is one reason why individuals purchase wine refrigerators and place their bottles in carefully arranged wine cellars. One of the most important aspects of wine storage is making sure that bottles are kept at the right temperature. Keep reading to learn about wine and how too warm and too cold of temperatures can affect it. Read More 

Building Your Art Career

As someone who is adventurous enough to really try making a living off the artwork you think up and create, a career can seem difficult. However, with dedication, a real life can be made with the art you show and sell to others. These two actions are especially needed. 1-Get a Blog If you work with your hands, it may not be an easy trip to the world wide web. However, you likely surf the web for your own casual enjoyment; some people are looking for work like yours. Read More 

How To Use Smooth Cut Transitions In Davinci Resolve

Do you have an interview with someone on camera that has a lot of flubs, stutters, or utterances? If so, you may be looking for a way to remove those on screen mistakes and still have an edit that looks seamless. DaVinci Resolve has a great tool for fixing these mistakes, known as the smooth cut effect, which will not tip off your viewers that you removed large chunks of an interview. Read More