Building Your Art Career

As someone who is adventurous enough to really try making a living off the artwork you think up and create, a career can seem difficult. However, with dedication, a real life can be made with the art you show and sell to others. These two actions are especially needed.

1-Get a Blog

If you work with your hands, it may not be an easy trip to the world wide web. However, you likely surf the web for your own casual enjoyment; some people are looking for work like yours. A website might seem sensible enough, but that may not be as effective as one with a frequently updated blog.

What might a blog do that a regular site won't? For starters, it will give your growing list of customers somewhere to get to know you and your art process. If you only like to paint outdoors, for example, that may be worth writing about. Your blog could feature a time-lapse video showing a piece from the very start all the way to the beautiful, completed conclusion. This deeper connection with you is one that will turn your customers into loyal fans who purchase multiple pieces.

Once the blog is created, you can publicize the link on different social and art sites. Constant interaction with people who understand and admire your work could be good for your sales.

2-Apply for Art Exhibition Showings

Every now and then, museums, galleries, and other art-related institutions have art exhibitions centering around a theme.  Your own work can hang in these exhibitions, but only if you apply. You could potentially place work in hundreds of galleries or museums throughout the year. This is fantastic publicity, as you may have limited opportunities to show your work in person around the country otherwise. As you increase your art exhibition showings, you may see customer numbers rise.

Even if your work isn't selected for an exhibition, all isn't lost. Attend a few showings and start conversations with visitors, artists and others to investigate what the public wants to see and how they react to certain pieces. Networking with artists, especially, can also give you a line on other art installments which may welcome your work. They may also have ideas about income streams which may pay off for your pieces.

With these actions, an art career can flourish. Be patient and continue to work on your artistic chops and skills so that you can offer an ever-growing catalog to your customers. Talk to a business like US Art Map for more help.