How To Enhance Your Photography Business

If you enjoy taking pictures, you can make some extra money as a professional photographer. All you need to get started is a good camera and an eye for photography. However, if you find you enjoy the photography business, you may want to improve your services to attract more customers. Here are four ways you can do that: 1. Offer headshots. Headshot photography is a lucrative business. People need their portraits taken for all sorts of reasons. Read More 

Marketing Your First Short Film

As an independent short film director, you don't have a big studio or 10 employees behind you to market your creation. You have to do the marketing yourself or with the help of a few people you pay on an as-needed basis. What you should not do is avoid marketing altogether because you are afraid of failure or unsure of how to start. Without marketing, you won't have an audience. Here are some tips for marketing your short film. Read More