Create An Embroidered Work Of Art

Embroidered artwork will brighten up your office space or the walls in your home. If you would like to complete a white tiger embroidery design project, or any other kind of embroidery art, learn how digital designs can support you.

Digital Designs

Custom artwork is used to create embroidery designs. An artist may use an animal, an inanimate object, or a landscape as their inspiration for an art project. Once the artwork is complete, a software program is used to create a digital design that is representative of the original piece of art.

Software programs use rich colors to add texture or overlay details to an image. The images are available for purchase for personal use. Each design is a replica of a unique piece of artwork. 

Project Considerations

Bold colors, shading, and intricate details will make an embroidered white tiger look realistic. Large-scale projects will require the use of an embroidery machine or a medium or large-sized hoop. The supplier of digital artwork will provide directions that you can refer to as you complete your project.

The embroidery designs that a supplier features will be displayed on the company's website. The set of directions that come with each design will indicate which colors of embroidery floss will be needed to complete the project.

Using the same exact color shades is optional, however. The designs are meant to inspire home crafters. They can be copied exactly or modified.

Getting Started

Shop for a wildlife design that contains the level of detail that you prefer. A complex embroidered design may be challenging to complete, but will certainly make you feel proud of your accomplishment when it is displayed in your home or business.

If you are a new crafter and haven't had much exposure to embroidery projects, you may want to purchase a smaller design that won't require much commitment on your part.

Digital designs can be printed on any fabric type that you prefer. Consider the manner in which you will be mounting the embroidered artwork. Then purchase fabric, framing materials, and hardware.

Your Project

After the design is printed on the fabric that you have purchased, prepare your crafting workstation. Select the embroidery floss that you will be using.

If you will be using an embroidery machine to assist with completing the project, set it up. Otherwise, prepare the embroidery needle that you will use throughout the craft project. After each embroidery session, cover up the embroidered fabric. A protective cover will keep the fabric clean and dry in between crafting sessions.