Three Clock Tattoo Ideas

When you know that you want a symbolic tattoo but you have no idea how the design should look, your best option is to visit a local tattoo shop and share some thoughts with an artist. They'll listen to your concepts and immediately begin to offer some design ideas for you to consider. There's no need to immediately make up your mind. Instead, you can think about a few designs over a period of days or even weeks, and then book a tattoo session when you're ready to move forward. Many people incorporate the face of a clock into a symbolic tattoo. Here are some clock tattoo ideas.

Memorial Tattoo

It's easy for your tattoo artist to incorporate a clock into the design of a memorial tattoo. If you're looking to honor a loved one who has recently passed away, the artist can design the clock to be stopped at the time of the person's death. For example, if they died at 1:15 p.m., the hands on the clock can depict this time. Some tattoo artists will even give the clock a worn-out look, which will tie into the idea that the clock has stopped ticking at the time in question.

Birth Tattoo

A lot of people get tattoos to represent someone's birth. You can get a tattoo in honor of your own birth, but it's more common to choose a design that pays tribute to the birth of a child or sibling. If you like the idea of a clock tattoo, your artist can design the clock so that its appearance offers a subtle tribute to the birth. For example, if your child was born at 10:38 p.m., the clock's hands will be positioned appropriately. You might even want the clock to have the month and date of the child's birth in its design.

Reminder Tattoo

If you have a certain mindset that you always want to remember, incorporating it into a tattoo can be a good idea. One concept is that you don't need to be aware of the time. If you've often limited certain enjoyable activities such as your hobbies by thinking that you should only spend a certain amount of time pursuing them, it can be liberating to make a commitment to forgetting about the time. In such a scenario, a clock without hands — thus not depicting any particular time — could be a design that helps to remind you of this concept.

For more information about making a tattoo appointment, contact a local shop.