Live Event Painters For Weddings: A Fun Way To Capture The Big Day

While many weddings have photographers there to capture the moment, there actually exists an even more intimate method of remembering the big day. Live event painters offer a spectacular and unique way of capturing a wedding's details, pleasing both the married couple and their guests. Not only can artists be chosen based on painting style, but working directly with the artist beforehand can ensure specialized requests are included. Here is a brief look at some things to consider when hiring a live event painter for one's wedding. 

Choosing an artist that will provide the style of painting desired will be one of the first decisions to make. While there are a large variety of painters available, there will be no issues finding one who can capture a wedding in exactly the style the couple desires. For example, some live event painters offer an impressionist view of the weddings they attend, capturing a romantic and intimate glimpse at the event. Others may opt for a fun and whimsical abstract view of the ceremony. The end result will be an unforgettable personal keepsake of the big day which can later be passed down in the family.

Artists can also be directed to include very specific details that are important for the wedding party. The inclusion and extra detail added to close family members and friends, for instance, would be a very special way for the couple to express their thanks and love to others. Even guests who may not be in attendance can be added. For instance, if a family member has passed away and would be noticeably absent from the wedding, the artist can include them in the painting. This is a touching tribute to those who mean the most to the couple who can then be reminded of their special day once they receive their painting. 

Hiring a live event painter for one's wedding also provides ample entertainment for guests in attendance. The addition of a live event painter will create a very intimate ambiance to the ceremony as it unfolds since guests are able to watch the artist create the piece. Guests will marvel at watching the artist continue their work once the ceremony is complete, allowing for finishing touches and flourishes. Noticing the delicate details added of guests and close friends and family will be a heartwarming experience for all in attendance. By hiring an artist that will paint the ceremony in a preferred style and working together to include specific details such as special guests, the couple will have a cherished piece of their own history for generations to come. 

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